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Masoom, a school for children with special needs was instituted by Mr. Sanjay Dalmia, under the umbrella of Organisation of Understanding and Fraternity in the year 2001. Mental deficiency is a condition characterized by intellectual retardation, social inadequacy, and persistent social dependency. The condition is evidence of arrested development that is apparent from birth or at an early age. Masoom’s chief aim is to train the child to communicate with his world and express himself.

Situated in Timarpur, Delhi, India Masoom started with fifty mentally challenged under privileged children. They lived under conditions where they had no access to norms of civilized behaviour. Mostly they lived in cell like houses devoid of light and air, left alone to fend for themselves. With low or no levels of literacy or awareness, parents had no idea how to take care of their differently abled wards. Deprived of nurturing and caring, of security and concern, these children lived in extreme poverty and degradation. Stunted by hunger and fear and anxiety these children did not know how to smile. Each one was seen as a burden even to their own parents. When Masoom first opened its doors children had to be fetched from their homes. They arrived carrying tiny tiffin boxes – one had a roti and green chilli. Another raw jamuns, just water. They were hungry, often unhygienic and had no experience of social interaction.

Masoom is committed to the survival and protection and overall development and welfare of each child. Today they are trained to form healthy habits like self feeding, brushing teeth, combing hair, putting on their own shoes and other essentials of daily living activities. Gradually they were trained to recognize public buildings and institutions like the post office, railway station, markets, parks; identify community workers; become familiar with street signals, money transaction, expressing greetings. Gradually they learned to feel secure, to trust, and to feel good about themselves and about each other. Personalized attention by dedicated special educators and a panel of therapists have made their impact. Individualized educational program stimulates the overall development of the child. So also vocational training, music, painting and sports.

Today they are singing, dancing, progressing in vocational training, winning medals and awards in sports and other cultural competitions; infact one of the students has been chosen to represent the country in the Special Olympics International Cricket to be held in China.

The children of Masoom have come a long way. Today they are finding a place of dignity, of purpose, of meaning. They have hope. And they smile.
Contact: Ms. Nafees Khan
Dairy No: 3, Lucknow Road,
Timarpur, Delhi,
India .
Phone No: 91-11-23813680, 23714870
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