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Golden Tobacco Limited is the one of the largest manufacturers of cigarettes in India. The company is a pioneer in creating the World’s first low tobacco cigarettes ”Loe Tabac”. The first variant of Loe Tabac was by substituting 25% of harmful tobacco by using other plant based smokable ingredients. The second variant of Loe Tabac was by substituting 50% of harmful tobacco by using other plant based smokable ingredients. Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNA) and Carbon Monoxide(CO) are the worst carcinogens produced while burning a cigarette. While nicotine is harmful, it is basically responsible for a smokers addiction; it has no carcinogenic properties. It has been authenticated by reputed labs in the USA, UK and India that Low tobacco cigarettes and Cigars have significantly lower levels of harmful substances as compared to full tobacco.

Delivery of a 25% variant of Low tobacco Cigarettes as against the usual blend of 100% Tobacco Cigarettes.

100% Tobacco
25% less Tobacco
Approx Reduction
Nicotine mg/cig
Tar mg/cig
Carbonmonoxide mg/cig
Total TSNA ng/cig

GTL makes some of the country's most successful cigarette brands in the premium and regular categories. It has emerged as the single largest player in the mini cigarettes segment in the country with a dominant market share. The company is vertically integrated from tobacco procurement, blending and processing to cigarette manufacturing and in-house printing and packaging.

The Group's cigarette brands have won international awards for quality and packaging design. This is facilitated by the excellent standards established at its two primary production centres and numerous manufacturing arrangements across the country. Another contributing factor lies in the ongoing research and development activity at three R & D Centres located in Bombay, Baroda and Guntur. These Centres provide free technical assistance to growers with a view to enhancing the quality, yield and storage facilities of tobacco.

  • GTL has been awarded the "3rd Best Exporter of Cigarettes" for 2004, by the Tobacco Board of India, Govt. of India.

  • Excellent quality of cigarettes produced by Mumbai and Vadodara units has enabled GTL to bag two Gold Medals in "Monde Selection" at Brussels in 1996.
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